Member feedback

Welcome to your Member feedback

Please include your name and contact details if you wish to discuss any feedback/offers of help further

How did you hear about Settle District u3a? Word of mouth, Community News, Facebook, posters etc?

How easy was it to find out how to join the u3a and then to join groups you were interested in? What improvements can we make to this process?

If you didn’t already know people in Settle District u3a did you feel welcome at monthly meetings and groups? Do you have any suggestions for how we might give support to new members?

How many monthly meetings have you attended? If none, why was this? Do you have any comments about them, how to improve them or suggestions for future subjects?

Do you belong to any groups and if yes, which ones? If not, is there a particular reason why you haven’t been able to join any?

Do you have any comments about other groups or subjects you would be interested in?

We like members to be active participants if they are able eg, making tea, putting up posters, running groups, suggesting topics, referring public speakers you have enjoyed elsewhere, offering to run sessions, joining the committee etc. Please let us know what you can offer, or if you’re not sure and would like to talk it through with one of us let us know. Do you have any further comments or suggestions to offer us?

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