Equality and Diversity

Settle District U3A Equality and Diversity Policy 

The Equality Act came into power in 2010 and merged nine existing pieces of legislation including the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the 2006 Equality Act. The Equality and Human Rights Commission website states: “Equality law affects everyone responsible for running your organisation or who might do something on its behalf, including staff or volunteers if you have them.” (www.equalityhumanrights.com) 

Settle District U3A is committed to providing, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities where retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the learners teach and teachers learn, and there is no distinction between them.

Settle District U3A recognises that some people are particularly likely to experience discrimination and harassment and are committed to making sure our group is as inclusive and welcoming as possible. 

Practical Approaches to Inclusion 

Settle District U3A is open to everyone eligible for U3A membership.

Settle District U3A will make sure all members are aware of our Equalities Policy and Settle District U3A Code of Conduct.

Settle District U3A will take reasonable measures and practical approaches to ensure a wide range of people take part in our activities and meetings.

This may include:   


o      Consideration of the time of day for meetings 

o      Consideration of venues for meetings including: 

  • Accessible to wheelchair users
  • Access to PA system and or hearing loop

o      Publicity 

  • Making it easy to read
  • Available to people who don’t have access to internet
  • Range of images used that reflect the local community

o      Tasks and Roles 

  • To make sure a range of people get their voices heard

What to do if you Experience Discrimination

Settle District U3A considers that no member should disadvantage, or receive less favourable treatment on the basis of:   

o ethnic origin, nationality (or statelessness) or race 

o disability 

o religion or belief (including the absence of belief) 

o marital or civil partnership status 

o sexual orientation 

o pregnancy 

o gender reassignment 

o class or socio-economic status 

o political belief 


If you feel you have been harassed and/or discriminated against on one or more of these grounds at any Settle District U3A event you should raise this with the Chair.  Settle District U3A will support anyone who feels they have been harassed or discriminated against and will not victimise or treat them less well because they have raised their concerns. 

If your complaint concerns a particular individual it will be investigated in accordance with the Settle U3A Disciplinary Procedure.

If your complaint concerns Settle District U3A as a whole the Chair will raise the matter with the Committee.  The Committee will identify appropriate measures which will ensure such discrimination is not repeated in the future and will inform the members of these measures and how they will be introduced. 


This policy was adopted at the Committee meeting of Settle District U3A on 7th February 2020 and will be reviewed every two years.