Leader : Elizabeth Bland

Welcome to the ukulele page!

A ukulele is not a difficult instrument to start playing. When you have learnt just three chords you will be able to accompany certain songs.  It does require practice to learn fingering for the chords, and to acquire finger muscle memory so that your fingers  automatically go on the right strings in the right place when you see the chord name.  With a commitment of at least  10 minutes a day you will make progress.

There are different sizes of ukulele.

A tenor ukulele

All are smaller than a guitar.  Members of our group possess either soprano, concert or tenor ukuleles.  These have the same sounding strings.  There are also baritone ukuleles and bass ukuleles.

There is a wealth of teaching material on the internet, besides numerous beginner’s books you can buy, to teach yourself basic chords.

Once you have mastered a few basic chords you are ready to play with others.  Members of the group have their own favourite internet teachers.  They can advise you.  All will be willing to share what they have learnt themselves.

When and where do we meet?

2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, 2pm to 3.45pm in The Friends Meeting House.

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