Group Coordinator Role Description

To support and encourage the leaders and members of both continuing groups and new groups.

To liaise with venue providers re cost and group use.

To update the Timetable with group use and equipment use.

To update the Room Hire document at least annually.

To update the Group activities document at least annually.

To update group leader guidelines at least annually.

To update the projected Room Hire costs document at least annually, ensure that group leaders are choosing appropriate venues keeping cost, location and room size in mind.

To supply information to the publicity officer for the information leaflet annually.

To  submit a Group Coordinators report to the committee monthly.

Assist the webmaster as website editor.

Encourage group leaders to use the Beacon system to administer their groups. Liaise with the Beacon administrator to support new group leaders. The Group coordinator has administrative overview of every group via the Beacon system.

March April: Ask via the newsletter and or Beacon if there are any ideas for new groups. Only start a new group if there is a leader, never start a new group without a leader in the hope that a leader will step forward.

March April: Help organise the group leaders lunch with all other committee members.

June: check with all leaders if they wish to continue with their group, make any changes. Ask continuing leaders to update the group description on the Beacon system and to check that the website Timetable, Group pages and About Settle Leaflet are correct. 

July: Contact all group leaders to start arrangements for the August Open Meeting.  Ask group leaders to update the list of members on Beacon.

August: The open meeting is held on the 2nd Thursday. The Group Coordinator designs the room layout and provides registration sheets with space for name and number. Group representatives need to bring a group sign for their table. Visit all groups present at the event. Input the information from the sign up sheets onto Beacon for those group leaders who struggle with technology. Ensure all group leaders have access to risk assessment templates via on-line links and paper where necessary.

October – November: check all is well with the groups. Contact venue providers to thank them and to obtain room hire rates for next year.

Updated January 2024