Sport Group


Wednesday 11 October saw the Golden Lion stage one of the highlights of the sporting calendar: the u3a/Settle Cricket Club ‘Walking Cricketer of the Year Awards 2023‘.

No record is kept of runs scored, wickets taken or catches caught – or more likely missed – so other criteria, such as character and champagne moments are used to decide the winner of the prestigious ‘Player of the Year’ trophy. The candidates considered for this year’s award, with their claims for recognition, were:

  1. Colin Ashwell – for his amazing, possibly glue-assisted catch v Ilkley u3a
  2. Glynn Brown – for his on-field sledging (his comment, when Sheila Longden held up play to do her hair, is worth an award in itself: “Womanly wiles – five run penalty!” What a wag!
  3. Les Chandler – for his original scoring methods and his barmy banter (although it failed to unsettle Ilkley u3a).
  4. Matt Cooke – for brave under cover work (once a speleologist …..)
  5. John and Sheila Longden, Jacqui and Shane O’Brien, Peter and Sarah Yates, Margaret and Ian Gray – for keeping their marriages intact in the intense hurly-burly of competition.
  6. Peter Metcalfe – for his balletic off-drives – a touch of class (none of this Hundred/T20 malarky for Peter).
  7. Sarah Moorhouse – for her business-like bustle between the wickets – not quite Darcey Bussell but very effective.
  8. Jane Naik – for her improved batting and bowling due to her beloved net practices.
  9. Geoff Naylor – for his accurate measuring and unfailing ability to count up to six.
  10. Mike Smith – for his bold determination to resurrect his left-lurching leggies.
  11. Peter Bullough – for his nerveless performance on debut, keeping his wicket intact despite the attentions of a cluster of close fielders surrounding his bat.
  12. Andrew Blyth – for his feigned immobility in the field which he uses to run (walk?) opponents out.
  13. Carol Hutt – for her cheery air of bewilderment which epitomises the u3a approach to the game.
  14. Phil Simnett – for his ability to slot seamlessly (and spinlessly?) into our merry antics.

But the winner of this year’s Player of the Year award, for his unflappability, calmness under extreme pressure, undemonstrative batting, and deceptively slow bowling (claiming two wickets in an over) – not to mention his statuesque fielding – was ……….. Edward Hindle! [pictured above receiving his award].

In his acceptance speech, Edward said ” This is the first cup I’ve won in 86 years. It was worth waiting for.”

Last year’s winner, Bill Wright, having been rudely awakened in his new home in Australia by a phone call from Les, mumbled his congratulations to his successor, straightened his corked Tilly night-cap and went back to sleep. Aussies, eh!


The Sport Appreciation Group has been renamed the ‘Sport Group’, ie we have ceased to SAG. No longer simply appreciating sport, we now throw ourselves metaphorically into the hectic demands of Walking Cricket in spring and summer and snooker or darts in the darker seasons. We number 20 odd with a regular turn-out for the WC of 12 to 16 and 8 to 10 for the indoor activities in autumn and winter, but new members are always welcome. If you are of a competitive, win at all cost Aussie temperament, this is definitely NOT for you! Creative accountancy has oft been employed to engineer an exciting finish to the cricket matches. In other words, we play strictly for fun and it’s good exercise, as everyone is either batting, bowling or fielding the whole time. The action unfolds at Settle Cricket Club, 3 to 5 pm every Monday, April to September and fortnightly, 4 to 6 pm on Mondays in Settle Social Club from October to March.

If you are interested, please contact Ian Gray at or Les Chandler on 07802 54676.