Equipment Officer

Updated May 2023.
The Asset Manager manages Settle District u3a’s electronic and other equipment and works with the committee to keep it all working satisfactorily.

Key skills and characteristics:

 Basic IT knowledge
 Attention to detail
 Systematic
 Flexible thinker
 Innovative


 Maintain the u3a’s Equipment List and keep track of equipment borrowed by u3a
members, and others outside the u3a
 Ensure all u3a is PAT tested every three years as appropriate
 Keep the Equipment List under review recommending replacements, disposals, and acquisitions as appropriate
 Advise the committee on matters relating to the u3a’s equipment as required
 Provide and operate the equipment required for monthly, committee and any other u3a meetings as appropriate – collecting and returning equipment to store
 Take any actions as required following committee meetings
 Deal with correspondence addressed to the Asset Manager
 Assist, where possible, in the running of any events staged by the u3a
 Deal with any equipment issues raised by Group Leaders as appropriate
 Provide advice and guidance to group leaders on the use of equipment as required