Programme Secretary Role

Programme Secretary Role and Job Description


  • Try and achieve a varied and balanced programme. Budget £700 per annum
  • Research and contact Speakers- ask about fees, expenses, equipment requirements, TITLE of the talk. Give out information re venue, facilitiesand parking. Mainly by email
  • Check about two weeks before the monthly meeting that the speaker has all the information they need. Let the Treasurer know the fee
  • Meet the speaker on the day or designate someone else
  • Ask someone to give a vote of thanks
  • Let the membership secretary have the programme for the following session September – August by the beginning of July ready for printing the membership cards. Also to the webmaster
  • Have a separate list for the Secretary with the addition of the speaker’s contact details, fee, and equipment needs – just in case!
  • Details of each speaker to the poster designer at least 2 months before. Posters have to be ready for distribution at the committee meeting the month before ie April committee meeting for the May speaker
  • DOUBLE CHECK one week before the meeting that the IT equipment needed by the speaker is available.

 UPDATED  AUGUST 2021  Kath Mason