Teddy Bears Picnic. Ann Maynard

 Kathy Grieve

Chimney Pot Mosaic                      Tree Stump Mosaic

Cross stitch. Waiting for the Bus. Dorothy Hemsworth

Using a technique with Alcohol inks and Alcohol Lift Ink. It is interesting to see what happens and how it turns out! I added tiny dots to the second, “lifted” version which added some depth. Wendy Newby

Little memories of Barbados. Chris Taylor

A refurbished deckchair and a rustic bookcase made from an old pallet. Annie McGregor

Designer Face mask with hidden filter pocket made from William Morris fabric to match kitchen blind.

Embroidery in counted cross stitch.

Janet Rougvie


Ra Ra The Noisy Lion. Sheila Goodall

Teddies for Tragedies. Shirley Ellison

Patchwork. Gillian Rawlings

I’m Wendy Carr from Windy Pike in Malhamdale. During lockdown I’ve been lucky to be able to walk regularly from home and cycle with Gordon. The garden has received far more attention than normal and I have continued to cater for us and two sons living at home. When I do sit down for the late evening news I’ve been crocheting premature
baby hats and pairs of hearts for Airedale hospital. The ladies of Malhamdale have
knitted and crocheted these hearts for the nurses in ICU to be able to comfort families whose relatives sadly have passed away without family members being with them. One heart is given to the loved one and the duplicate is given to the family. I’ve also crocheted a couple of dish cloths to go into the Yarndale exhibition if the event is able to take place in September. And granddaughter Isabel’s doll has received a new hat and scarf!
My 87 year-old husband Gordon, as well as cycling and enjoying jig-saws, volunteered to exploit his retirement hobby and has hand-carved house signs for anyone interested in the community. So far, in various fonts and sizes he has pleased fifteen different families, and now has
only two more signs pending.

This patchwork bedcover made from reused fabrics from my past (the 80’s!) has filled in this time at home during ‘lockdown’! Great feeling to have finally done it!
Jennifer Scholey

Missing the Highland Cattle. Dorothy                                                                                            Hemsworth

Quilt. Gill Underhill

Dorothy Hemsworth

 Stamped card. Wendy Newby

Handmade cards. Wendy Newby

Table made from mattress slats, plant pot and mosaic
Christmas tree decoration
Drawer top mosaic
Spiral socks
Sue Bennedik

Jan Ellwood

Handmade key rings and bracelets using embroidery cotton in tiny knots. Emma Lee