If you click on the links below, you can use a set of video tutorials to help you use the world wide web and your computer. I have had to reduce their resolution in order to keep their size manageable. 

You can use the link at the top left of the video to maximise it’s view, use the <ESCAPE> key to exit – likely at the top left of your keyboard.

Adding more complex content to your pages

Click here to show me how.

Moving text in a page block and playing with media labels.

Making simple changes to my pages

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This tutorial is to describe how to make simple changes to my web page content.

Adding media to your web pages

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Here I show how to upload and add videos to your page content. Note that video files can get very large, so please export them at the lowest acceptable resolution and keep them short. 

Change text size when you view your web pages

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On a Windows machine you can also use the Magnifier. Press the Windows logo key‌ + Plus sign (+) on the keyboard to turn Magnifier on. Press Windows logo key + Esc to turn it off. To turn Magnifier on and off using touch or a mouse, select Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier , and switch on the toggle under Turn on Magnifier. Also Ctrl+ zooms in; Ctrl- zooms out and Ctrl0 (zero) returns to the original size. Hold down the Ctrl button and press +, – or 0 (zero).