Equipment to Borrow

The equipment we have that you can borrow is listed below. Before taking , please check the timetable @  to make sure that the equipment is not already in use.

Stored at Victoria Hall in the filing cabinet

Epson H453B EBX11 LCD projector, mains power
lead and remote controller, in carry case

Toshiba TDP-T90 projector and power lead, in
carry case

Dell Inspiron laptop, power leading carry case

Hewlett-Packard laptop, power lead and carry case

Logitech Z200 10W speakers

Sandstrom Full HD Pro Webcam/Mic

Anker Powerconf S3 Conference Speaker/Microphone

Lapel microphone

Headset microphone – wireless

Handheld microphone (held by VH)

TOA UHF microphone transmitter (battery

2 no. ALTEC stereo speakers and mains powered
subwoofer [bass enhancer] unit plus amplifier,
and leads to connect speakers to subwoofer and
speakers to computer

2 no. 4-way mains extension cables: 1 no. 2m
and 1 no. 3m

2 no. HDMI to VGA converter cables

1 no. HDMI to HDMI cable

2 no. 15-pin VGA cables (6m and 2m) – to
connect laptop to projector

3 no. Audio cables -1 no. blue, 1 no. red, and 1
no. black – 2m to 3m length

1 no. USB mouse

Remote mouse sensor – in carry case with spare

1 no. Bolse laser pointer and Windows
presentation remote controller

ZED 10X Audio mixer unit and power cable

10 no. blue clipboards

Memory stick (in an envelope) containing a talk by Brad Ashton, scriptwriter and comedy consultant – for use at a monthly meeting when a scheduled speaker is unexpectedly unavailable

Connected to Victoria Hall sound system

TOA receiver for microphones

Connected to Victoria Hall mixer unit, but not

Free-standing loudspeaker and amplifier, with
power cable

Stored at The Pool or The Place


Stored at Catholic Church Hall

Fixed projection screen

Stored elsewhere

1 no. double-sided blade flag with Barbara Herring

Display panels in carrying case with Barbara Herring

3 pairs of RSPB Puffin binoculars for use by Birdwatching group members with Les Chandler

1 Pogi die cutter with Wendy Newby