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Zoom Web Conferencing

All you will need a computer with a microphone and a camera.

Zoom tutorials

There are lots of questions about our use of Zoom. Some comments that may be of help in your personal risk assessment of its use by you.

  1. Keep your Zoom software up to date. If offered an update, then install it.
  2. The UK Government use it for daily briefings, it is widely in use by the NHS, the BBC, W.I. The Quakers and The Royal family.
  3. We are not sharing state secrets or sensitive personal information.
  4. If you are the convenor, use ‘the waiting room’ and only let in the people you know.
  5. All meetings now have passwords and if you are late to a session, you will have to be explicitly admitted by your Zoom session convener.
  6. Make sure there is nothing viewable in your room, on your wall or background  that could be of use to fraudsters.
  7. This is a personal choice that we have to make. Do your own personal risk assessment and make your own decision.
  8. A philosophical point: We all choose to cross the road when we think that the benefit makes the risk acceptable.
  9. Good luck to you all, and I hope this helps.

Android, Apple and Windows users

Zoom User Manual