Sport Appreciation

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We are hoping to start a new ‘Sport Appreciation Group’ which will meet probably twice a month for informal sporty chats, quizzes, reminiscences, talks, outings (eg Headingley)….anything you fancy in the sporting line!

We could even leap into action from time to time with a spot of Walking Cricket or Football or anything else legal that members might suggest. Les and I don’t want to be limited to arm-wrestling each other every session, so we’re hoping for a huge response to our SAG idea with a view to launching it in the not too distant, ie post-Covid future. Don’t keep this to yourselves! Tell all your non-u3a chums too! New members are always welcome. So, could all interested bodies of any shape or size please contact me, 07969876882 or 01729 822465.  Yours unsaggingly, Ian Gray