Data Protection Policy

Updated April 2018

These notes are produced to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) that will apply in the UK from 25 May 2018 replacing the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”).

  1. Personal data (name, address, telephone number, email address, emergency contact and gift aid status) supplied by the member is stored on computer using the U3A Beacon software and in paper form for the purposes of administration of the Settle District U3A and will not be shared with any other organisation except for:-

    1. a)  The purposes of distribution of the Third Age Matters magazine issued to members by the national body. Only the members name and address is shared for this purpose; members not wishing to receive this magazine must inform the Membership Secretary.

    2. b)  Information required by HMRC for Gift Aid claim purposes.

    3. c)  Members not on email will have their address shared with the distributors of the printed Newsletter.

  2. The following members of the committee may have access to the data for administrative purposes of the U3A only:-
    Chairperson, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Groups Coordinator and Beacon software administrator. Other members of the committee may be permitted, on a strictly need to know basis, to have access to the information.

  3. Group Leaders will be given contact information for the members of their group(s) and this can only be used for Settle District U3A activities.

  4. The Secretary must get the written consent of committee members for their contact details to be displayed on the public website.

  5. The Group Coordinator must get the written consent of Group Leaders to have their contact details (phone or email) displayed on the public website.

  6. Group Leaders must get the written consent of their members before sharing personal information (e.g. Email addresses) of their group members to other members of the group. When sending emails to group members, blind copy (bcc) must be used.

  7. Personal data will be kept for seven years to comply with HMRC requirements even if individuals cease to be members. Personal data will be removed from the records if not required for this purpose or at the request of a lapsed member.

  8. Each member has access to and can change their information by accessing the Members Area from the website or by request to the Membership Secretary.

  1. A member can only have the contact information of another member if that member agrees to share their information.

  2. Membership application forms will be kept securely.

  3. Computers and digital storage devices used for U3A personal data storage must have security measures in place to avoid loss of data, e.g. password to access the computer or specific data.

  4. Loss or theft of a computer or storage device holding U3A personal data must be reported to a member of the U3A committee as soon as possible after loss or theft.

  5. Settle District U3A must inform U3A National Office of any security breach that may result in confidential personal information being accessed illegally and seek their advice.




Welfware Statement / Policy


The Objects of Settle U3A are to advance the education of the public and in particular the education of older people no longer in full time gainful employment in Settle and its surrounding locality, and the provision of facilities for leisure time and recreational activities with the object of improving the conditions of life for the above persons in the interests of their social welfare.

In doing this the principle of mutual aid and support that contributes to members overall health and wellbeing is encouraged.

We wish to ensure consideration for all members and particularly during periods of greater need e.g. bereavement, ill-health or times of significant change. We support and encourage Group Leaders to be mindful of any changes within their Group membership.

The Committee is mindful of confidentiality with regard to its membership and this always remains paramount. However, we feel enquiries could be made of members about what assistance, if any, they feel could enable them to have continued access to Groups of their choice e.g. help with transport or feedback from Group activities in the short term to maintain involvement.

The Committee can be approached with any concerns that may prevent members from fully accessing Groups, especially during limited periods of difficulty.


July 2017