Committee meeting résumés


Covers up to September 2019 – please scroll down to the month of interest to you.

Résumé U3A Minutes July 2019


Secretary’s Report:

U3A June Newsletter, previously circulated

Update from the Curious Tales from the Graveyard Project, previously circulated

Chair’s Report:

JA thanked SS for organising the excellent coach trip to Brantwood, Coniston

The next WestNet committee meeting would be held on 04 September and she would attend with JB.

Treasurer’s Report:

In the absence of JP, GC reported:

Subscriptions steady despite increasing membership

Monthly meeting income drifting

50p’s rising well -tribute to Group Leaders

Gift Aid down and again this should be remedied with changes

Room hire up 10%

Computer expenses up largely because of Beacon

Loss, as predicted

The Treasurer’s annual accounts for year ended 30.06.19. were unanimously agreed.

It was proposed by Chris Chandler, seconded by Keith Waterson and unanimously agreed that the annual accounts be sent for audit.

Group Co-ordinator’s Report:

DB reported that she and JH had met with two prospective group leaders for circle dancing and a room had been booked at the VH.  She also said that she would lead the exercise group which would commence in October when she had had the opportunity to take some training. 

Membership Secretary’s Report:

KW reported that:

There were now 403 members.  12 members had already renewed, plus two new members

He had yet to amend the membership card with new website address etc

He would also amend the enrolment form and change the email address to a task-based one and delete his telephone number

PayPal was discussed and it was proposed by Jeanne Hine, seconded by Jackie Allott and unanimously agreed that the PayPal account be closed

It was also reiterated that members should remember to re-enrol for groups for the new year.

Webmaster’s Report                              
Richard reported that he and JH had set up two training session for committee members and group leaders which had been well attended and very helpful.

  KW commented that he didn’t think the new website was yet up to purpose and it was agreed that RH and KW meet to discuss; also agreed that RH give short talk at the AGM.

WestNet/Settle Treasure Trail

JA reported that the History Treasure Trail had been an excellent evening and very well received with over 60 attendees.  A small profit was made of £8.50.

Complaints, Disciplinary and Grievance Policies

The policies were discussed, and it was unanimously agreed to accept and adopt these policies.  JH to incorporate them for Settle District U3A

WestNet – Safeguarding and Open-Door Policy

It was unanimously agreed to accept and incorporate these two WestNet policies.



CT asked if the boards could be used again by St Alkelda’s following the AGM and it was agreed

In the absence of JB, SS had produced a poster for August.  It was not known how many to print or what the distribution list was.  AW agreed to print 26 x A5 and try to ascertain the distribution

AW said she was making arrangements with the VH for the committee meetings to be held at the Victoria Hall from October 2019

The committee extended grateful thanks to Debi for her hospitality to the committee over the years

AW suggested that the AGM commence at 10.30 am and not at 11 am as previously.  Doors would open at 10 am for refreshments.  This was agreed

AW had set up the paperwork for the AGM and would bring Nomination Forms to the Thursday meeting

Sarah Lister had accepted the invitation to speak at the AGM

Résumé U3A Minutes August 2019


Secretary’s Report:

U3A July Newsletter, previously circulated

Received from National U3A – Notice of AGM with associated papers.

The new National U3A website very interesting – YAHR – and publicity materials and posters

Please copy Barbara in on all correspondence to enable smooth handover next month:

Chair’s Report:

JA reported that:

She had had no response from VH to her confirmatory email following

U3A/VH meeting in June. JP to amend date of letter to bank regarding these payments

She suggested that from next year a committee member could take over National U3A,

Treasurer’s Report:

JP reported that:

The accounts had been examined and approved by the examiner, Mr Christopher Wilcock. It was agreed that AW write to thank him for his services over the years

He asked RH to put the approved accounts on the website

Lamberts should have the information leaflet ready and JB to collect and take to the VH on Thursday. It was noted that the up-to-date leaflet was not yet on the website and RH said he would do it today. JP to send the docs to AW who would distribute to RH, JB and SS

Membership Secretary’s Report:

KW reported that there were now six new members and he had already processed 120 membership renewals

Webmaster’s Report

Richard reported that:

he was working on background education for group leaders

he was spending the day catching up on the website

he was ready for his talk at the AGM

He would close down the old website immediately following the AGM

It was agreed that AW write to David Holdsworth and Frank Woodhams to thank

them both for the hard work they had dedicated the website over many years.

Complaints, Disciplinary and Grievance Policies

All had seen and approved the comments by CC and KW. JH to make further amendment and distribute. The Safeguarding Policy was discussed. The Code of Conduct Policy was adopted.


Arrangements for August Open Meeting – Thursday, 08 August 2019

Refreshments organised

DB said there were 28 groups, 14 double tables

She has the registration sheets

She requires three long tables down each side of hall and two at the front and back. She also requires the small square tables and chairs in the centre of the hall for members

KW – at the Friends Meeting House – requires three committee members for renewals and two for finance

JB to stand outside the VH to direct members/new members to FMT to join/renew prior to booking groups

AW to print signs for VH doors


AW to print posters for the AGM

Job descriptions were discussed, and each member asked to check, update and forward to



Résumé U3A Minutes September 2019


Secretary’s Report:

AW has written to Frank Woodhams, David Holdsworth and Christopher Wilcock

Chair’s Report:

JA reported that:

RH had sent passwords via email to retiring officers

She had arranged a meeting with Les Chandler, Sue Simpson, Anne Webster and herself to discuss Chair matters

Monthly poster distribution: to be printed at Lamberts and distributed by the Publicity Officer.  As JB will be away distribution will be down to other committee members

Treasurer’s Report:

JP reported that:

Membership fees, to date, stood at £5,350.47, £1,000 up on last year at this time

Group Co-ordinator’s Report

In the absence of JH, DB reported that there would be a Photography Group starting in January 2020

DB is having difficulty finding a training course for the Exercise Group

Membership Secretary’s Report:

KW reported that there were 57 new members from August and 105 members who hadn’t yet renewed

He suggests the new committee discuss honorary members next year

He also suggested that at the end of September emails should be sent to those members who haven’t renewed

He has fixed two bouncing emails on the Beacon system

National U3A AGM

DB reported on the interesting and informative National U3A AGM held in Nottingham and suggested that the new committee consider having a representative to attend the annual AGM.


JA reported that:

Mick Richings is acting as Chair for Region

YARH are not organising the two-yearly event at Askham Bryant

Instead holding another summer school at Easingwold in 2020

Organising a new trustees day course in January 2020.


JA reported that:

The next WestNet committee meeting would be held on 07 January 2020 at Ilkley

At this meeting representatives were asked to take a copy of their Constitution to discuss

A visit to Drax on 04 December 2020

Two visits had taken place to Veolia recycling plant

A WestNet Quiz would be held at Gargrave Village Hall on 27 March 2020

She suggested that from next year a committee member could take over National U3A, YAHR and WestNet.

Victoria Hall

AW reported that she had booked the Victoria Hall for the monthly meetings from 2019 until 2022.

Feedback from August Open Day – Thursday, 08 August 2019

A very busy morning, with queues before opening at 9.45 am

A good atmosphere

Many members and would-be members having refreshments

Plenty of Group Leaders attended.

Arrangements for AGM – Thursday, 12 August 2019

  1. Nominations papers for officers and prospective new committee members have been received by AW;
  2. AW to put Notice of AGM on outer doors;
  3. KW to organise management of computer, projector, screen and audio;
  4. KM arranged with the Caretaker for computer, mic, projector and screen;
  5. GC, CC and KW to sit at back of Hall for registration and signing on for groups;
  6. A table at rear of Hall for registration;
  7. A row of chairs and 2 x long table at front for committee;
  8. Café style table and chair set-up;
  9. Photos of group activities on screen prior to AGM;         
  10. AW to print off 24 copies of Agenda and 24 copies of Financial Report; and
  11. Timings:
    • Doors open 10.00 am
    • AGM commences 10.30 am
    • Sarah Lister to speak at approx. 11.00 am
    • Webmaster away on business.

To agree Cheese and Wine Tasting at the Courtyard Dairy in conjunction with WAG

The committee agreed to hold this event, organised by SS, at a cost of £16 (including 50p members charge).  SS produced a poster.  AW to put on Notice Board.  AW to arrange transport if necessary.


  • KM to provide a list of speakers and contact details in case she is unable to attend the monthly meeting
  • KW to carry on as Beacon Administrator but not as a committee member
  • AW thanked DB for her hospitality and refreshments, for the committee, over many years.


Résumé U3A Minutes June 2019


Secretary’s Report: AW presented ‘Years served by Committee Members June 2019’ to the committee.

Chair’s Report: JA reported that Sarah Lister’s book would be with the publishers June/July.  JA is arranging publicity with U3A TAM.   She had received an email regarding car parking at the Cricket Club for a theatre trip, which was not a U3A event and which is no longer permitted.  All U3A parking to be at the Rugby Club.

Group Co-ordinator’s Report: DB reported that all groups were carrying on next year apart from Intermediate French and German. The Card and Spanish groups were full. A new leader may be required. The Retro Stretch and Tone group was cancelled.  A new leader would be required for the Exercise group.  Maybe advertise for one.  DB to have a chat with Gillian. A new group – Garden Visits – would commence in September, the leader being Chris Benn.

Membership Secretary’s Report: KW reported that there were now 403 members.  Some had joined with PayPal and he would write to them. He had put new membership documents on the Website and asked the committee members to check them. Permission for photographs was covered in the Data Protection Policy. It is essential that WestNet members first check that the group they wish to join has vacancies and then complete the membership form and write ‘WestNet member’ on it.

Webmaster’s Report: Richard reported that the two websites were now up and running.  He would set up two informal seminars for committee members and group leaders to be held at the Victoria Hall or FMH which would take place week commencing 17 June.  Subject – email accounts and website.       

WestNet/Settle Treasure Trail Sub-Committee Report: JA reported that 50 members had booked.  She asked that the Lamberts printing invoice and catering invoice me made out to WestNet. 

Succession: JA to discuss interest expressed by another member at the monthly meeting. JP said he might have found a secretary and would report to next meeting.

Posters for Monthly Meetings: JB reported that Wendy was retiring. She would liaise with the person taking over.  SS would design posters for August, September and October. It was agreed that there were enough volunteers to distribute the posters each month.

AOB: KM presented the speaker programme for the next year.  It was agreed a good mix and Kath was thanked. KW said it had been a pleasure to take 13 members of the East Suffolk U3A Geology Group around the Malham, Ribblehead and other areas over three days.

CT reminded members that she had the boards for St Alkelda display and asked if they could keep them for a while longer. It was agreed they should be returned for the beginning of August for our use at Open Morning and AGM.




Résumé U3A Minutes May 2019


Secretary’s Report: as per Agenda. JP to sign the Annual Return.

Chair’s Report: JA reported that Ann Harding had cancelled the proposed meeting at the Victoria Hall due to her holiday arrangements. AW to re-arrange for noon on 13 June


YAHR: KW attended the YAHR AGM on 29 April in Leeds. His report was distributed and contained: amendments to the YAHR constitution, the ‘Purpose of U3A’, succession of officers and communication with members.

WESTNET: JA reported that so far 14 ‘out-of-Settle’ bookings had been made for the Midsummer History Trail. It was suggested that letters be sent to Group Leaders asking then to remind group members. Also, to display a poster at the Booths Promotion.

Treasurer’s Report:  JP said the Examiner had given notice that he would be prepared to audit the account to the end of this financial year and then retire. A new Examiner would have to be found for 2019/20.  Following a meeting with KW with regard to PayPal payments for membership subscriptions they came up with three ways of dealing with the problem (see JPs report attached to agenda) it was agreed that member continue to pay at the same rate but be encouraged to make donations. It was proposed by KW and seconded by CT that Settle District U3A cease using the PayPal payment method with effect from the new financial year.

Group Co-ordinator’s Report: DB reported that Alison Tyas would no longer lead the German conversation group and also that Ray Jones would no longer lead the French conversation group with effect from the new year 2019/2020.  It had been suggested that a new group be started – ‘Garden Visits’ and JH and DB to meet with the proposer to take further.

Membership Secretary’s Report: KW reported that there were 396 members and that this would soon be 400 – the highest number ever.

KW had forwarded the following documents to committee members:

  • Legitimate Interest Assessment – U3A Membership
  • Legitimate Interest Assessment – Next of Kin
  • Settle District U3A Privacy Policy
  • Modified Settle District U3A Data Protection Policy
  • Modified Settle District U3A Equality and Diversity Policy

It was agreed that emails were considered to be letters.

The five documents were approved and would be put on our website. A vote of thanks was given to KW for all his hard work with these documents.

KW reported that he had purchased a new computer and it was agreed that the old XP computer be passed on to a worthy cause.

Webmaster’s Report: Richard gave an excellent demonstration on the new website he had set up. He suggested that the committee members try it out and also that he arranges tutorials for them and for group leaders.

WestNet/Settle Treasure Trail Sub-Committee Report: DB said the Trail had been tested again. Although 14 bookings had been taken non were from Settle District. It was agreed to encourage members to attend.

Induction Training for New Committee Members for September/October JH said that CC, JB and herself were meeting again to finalise the package.

Succession: JA again said that we should be getting members interested and to be encouraging them to sit in on committee meetings. It was felt that personal contact was best. KW said that following the YAHR AGM Sue Stoker had said we needed to be “firm” about it. It was felt we had been clear in communications with membership about the need for Committee Members and Officers. JA had had one clear expression of interest and had another to follow up.

AW was asked to produce a poster for the Thursday monthly meeting asking members to consider becoming a committee member.

Policy for Loaning U3A Equipment: It was agreed that U3A equipment should not be loaned out unless there was an emergency and that the committee agree the loan and that a committee member be in attendance. KW asked that an up-to-date “Equipment Booking” area be set up on the new website.

Newsletter: The Newsletter was discussed and finalised with CT to add a paragraph about a proposed summer trip on Tuesday, 11th June 2019 to Brantwood, Coniston, home of John Ruskin, organised by SS.

Feedback from Group Leaders Lunch: It was agreed that all group leaders had enjoyed the lunch. DB was thanked for her hospitality.

Publicity: Promotion at Booths Supermarket on Friday, 10 and Saturday, 11 May. AW organising; CC had purchased a roll-up banner which everyone thought was excellent;  JB’s poster was approved.




Résumé U3A Minutes April 2019


Secretary’s Report:  as per Agenda. KW said that the TAM statement didn’t tally with his membership figures. JP to sign the Annual Return.                                                              

Chair’s Report:  As per attachment. JP to complete Charity Commission form following BP’s resignation.  KW to attend the YAHR AGM on 29 April in Leeds.           

Membership Secretary’s Report: KW reported that there were 394 members and one pending membership; of these 16 were non-payers (WestNet, Associates). Gift Aid to claim was £869. PayPal:  charges 41p per single membership and 61p per couple. The GDPR Lawful Basis documents received were complex.  There were five documents and it was agreed that KW adapt them for our requirements. Beacon:  292 groups UK use Beacon which is 45% of the total membership. Frank Bailey heading up a group providing training guides and improving log-in plus treasury functions.

Webmaster’s Report: Richard had sent his apologies and wrote that he would have the Website requests done by the end of the day.  The new web site was ready to demo. Can do this any time after 22nd April at your convenience.  It was suggested that this would be convenient at the next committee meeting on 06 May.  JA to contact RH to discuss the website issues. It was also agreed that only the secretary and the group leaders contact the Webmaster to put information on the website and that individuals should not do so.

WestNet/Settle Treasure Trail Sub-Committee Report: DB said the flyers/posters for this event have been circulated to the relevant U3As and the Trail had been tested and ready for a second version.  JA said that KM and herself had been round the Trail.  She had mentioned the Trail at the Quiz night and six people had booked.

Induction Training for New Committee Members for September/October JH reported on the informative pack she was producing and that CC, JB and herself would report back to the next meeting.                                     

Newsletter: The Newsletter was discussed and finalised. SS said that she would organise a Summer Trip for all members, to take place in June and suggested Brantwood, Coniston.  This was agreed and CT to put notice in the Newsletter.

Arrangements for Group Leaders Lunch: AW gave her apologies for the Lunch and CT said she would make soup.  JA said she had received 16 acceptances so far.

Publicity: JB asked for clarification of her role as Publicity Officer.

Promotion at Booths Supermarket on Friday, 10 and Saturday, 11 May. JP to arrange for 100 updated Group Programmes to be printed.  SS and AW to find newer group photographs for Promotion Boards.  AW to organise volunteers for the two days.

It was agreed to purchase a roll-up banner and CC agreed to design the banner and order.

AW had emailed members on behalf of JB and asked for comments on her draft poster. JP said it should be in portrait.  He had produced one that was considered very satisfactory.

Succession: JA again said that succession should be put at the start of the agenda next month. Innovative ideas were required.  It was agreed that KW send an email to all







Résumé U3A Minutes March 2019

Reports: Secretary’s Report:  as per attachment. The email received from Ann Harding, VH, was discussed.  JA had spoken to AH and a meeting had been arranged between AH and JA, GC, JP and KW at noon, following the monthly meeting on 09 May.

Sarah Lister (U3A Family History Group) arrived at 9.30 am and spoke further on the Stories in Stone Project (as related in the Secretary’s report above).  She had received the formal grant offer from Stories in Stone (copied to the committee). In the information, it confirms that payment will be received within 4 – 6 weeks of the claim.   She is hoping to complete the book by the end of June so the payments would be in July, if the printers are still able to stick to their 10-day estimate. 

Chair’s Report:  As per attachment. The Chair’s report was noted

Group Co-ordinator’s Report: DB reported that the Exercise and Circle Dancing groups were going ahead with a temporary leader.  The issue with a new member of a group who has health and mobility issues had been resolved.

Membership Secretary’s Report:  KW reported that there were 388 members and 2 potential new members.  He had sent membership numbers to TAM.  He had received a notification from National Office regarding the management of the Beacon system.  An increase in fee payment per member would be from 50p to £1 wef 01 April 2019.  This was due to the rise in usage and the need to employ an IT professional as well as the volunteers.  He was having problems with Beacon emails sent to a certain member and suggested contact should be made by telephone.                   

Webmaster’s Report: Richard had sent his apologies and wrote the following.  A summary for the meeting.  All requests for content uploads of me have been done. A new web site up and ready to demonstrate but need to pick a domain name in order to complete its commissioning. So, we need a name.  We can reuse ‘’ in which case I will have to negotiate with David H and Frank W. There is a nominal cost for the name and somewhere to ‘host it’ – likely to be about £10/year – just the cost of doing business. Alternatively, we could get another one – what name do we want?  Emails etc, follow when we have the domain name – for example Remember that the existing name is used for other purposes and so if we move, we will all have to move. For example – available at £10/year. Have done some work for Les Chandler to maintain an archive of old content so that it is not lost – …. working on doing the same with ‘posters’ as the material is all on the site, just not visible which seems a shame given the effort that has gone into its production.

Richard’s points were discussed, and it was agreed that it was preferable to use but if that was too complicated then leave the decision to Richard (with a link from the old to the new address).    It was agreed that it was good to have both posters on the website and that the Publicity Officer, JB, send the posters to Richard.                        

WestNet/Settle Treasure Trail Sub-Committee Report: DB said the flyers/posters for this event would be ready shortly to circulate to all WestNet members and put on our website and notice board.  Numbers would be limited to 70/80 and the cut-off date was the beginning of June.

Induction Training for New Committee Members for September/October: CC, JH, BP and JB to follow up.  To take place between the AGM and the first committee meeting in October.

Equality, Diversity and Risk Assessment: KW to amend the Craven U3A Equality and Diversity Policy for Settle District U3A. JH reported on email received from National U3A (document attached to committee papers) and said that Settle U3A had the correct approach regarding accommodating disabled members. It was agreed that the safety of the group and the individual was paramount. It was also agreed that the U3A PLUS leaflet ‘A U3A Guide to Accessibility and Inclusion’ was very good. 

Publicity: It was agreed to promote Settle District U3A and GC to book Booths Supermarket for 17/18 May, or 31/01 May/June. It was agreed to look into purchasing a Settle District U3A banner.  GC to price. AW had emailed members on behalf of JB and asked for comments on her draft poster.

Succession: JA again said that succession was now an urgent matter.  AW suggested inviting the interested new members to attend a committee meeting to see procedures (either individually or in pairs). It was also suggested to put a request on the website.

AOB: AW mentioned an email she had received from Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven NHS regarding a questionnaire on wheelchairs and orthotics.  She would copy this to members.  

KW said he had been approached by the East Anglian U3A Geology Group.  They were staying in the Malhamdale area on 12/13/14 and 15 May and asked if we could provide a speaker and guide.  KW said he would do this and was thanked for his very generous offer.