Settle District U3A

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Welcome to your information source for 

Settle District U3A

A registered Charity number 1095635



When we are finally free to mingle and meet we would like to create an exhibition of your works.

Follow this  link for …Zoom tutorials

Virtual Classes – 3rd February 2021 update

We are successfully  Zooming many classes. I think it’s fair to say that we are having some fun, and found new ways to ‘get out of the house’. We have zoomed ahead with  20 groups. 2 groups are using email and the card making group are active in their own homes with kits.

We have run some education classes for Group Leaders  to help them set up classes of their own if this is practical for the medium. 

Zoom can be used for any social gathering, to chat, share music and video (this is a bit more tricky), slides or anything else your imagination can come up with.

There is a collection of videos and notes to be found HERE  that may help you on your journey.

The Zoom service is hosted at

You now have a choice of installing some software on your computer. Don’t panic. This will happen automatically when you click on the meeting link you will be sent when and if sessions start. If you want to get ahead, then go to HERE and download the software for your PC – Windows or Mac. Alternatively, zoom can be accessed from your browser now but the zoom is not as satisfactory. 

Good luck!

              Live laugh and Learn


ATG Theatre Card Offerfor U3A members at a reduced price of £25 (full price £35). For more details visit the events page of the U3A members website for more information phone national office 84666139

There are international students at our universities hoping to have the privilege of meeting people who live in the UK. Having a well-educated younger person from another part of the world visit you for a day, a weekend, or over Christmas, is an ideal way of exchanging ideas about your respective cultures. It�s an opportunity to take a pride in our own country and to understand more about another one, while showing kindness to someone far from home. It�s also great fun. If you�re not sure about doing this on your own, why not get together with another U3A member and make a great international weekend of it? HOST is a well-established charity whose hosts are volunteers. Please see www.hostuk.orgor call local organiser Sue Binns on 01845 524846.

St Johns Ambulancepocket size guide covering 5 common emergency conditions available free on application

First two of U3A Walking Guides are available one of Bodmin Moor and one written about Settle written by local u3a member Tony Stevens. Available to download (35 pages) on

Special discountsfor U3A groups at RHS gardens. More information at

U3A National Chessby email – 57 U3A members from 54 different U3A groups playing chess by email. Contact dick.chapman@ntlworld.comfor more details

U3A Humour Groups– there are currently 35 groups in existence. Contact Jean Bishop 01903 695215or JeanBs2@aol.comfor a starter pack